I offer you the following three options which are designed to your specific health, fitness, lifestyle needs and aspirations.


£51 per session

1-3 sessions per week 


£57 per session

1-3 sessions per week 


£66 per session

1-3 sessions per week 

Free initial consultation 

A friendly chat about your goals and aspirations and a simple introduction to how we work together. 

Musculoskeletal and Movement Assessments

Prior to your assessments you will be required to complete a 10 day food diary and lifestyle questionnaires. 

Programme Design 

Your personal exercise and lifestyle programme is designed based on your food diary, questionnaires and physical assessments. 

Personal Training Sessions of 60 min each (Exercise and Lifestyle)

Exercise: We explain your programme and run through all the exercises and show you how to do them correctly. 

Your bespoke exercise programme including video demonstrations is provided to you on our portal - PT Enhance where you will have your own log in with all your information needed. This is also available as mobile apps. 

Lifestyle: Easily implementable coaching to improve your lifestyle focusing on The Six Foundation Principles of Health & Wellbeing. 

Ongoing Support 

Important Note: With packages of 1 session per week only, you are required to complete your weekly exercise programme in your own time through our online portal. This is to achieve maximum results to get your to your goal.

Each Package Includes: