Confidentiality & Privacy 


Inner Health & Fitness is an exercise and lifestyle coaching business offering personal training . Any personal client information will not be divulged with other parties. ​

The only circumstances where I may reference a client is with regards to providing example of services, however, the information used will not be able to be identified, as it will refer to a client by initial(s) and general location only. This information can be useful to help potential clients gauge certain aspects of the services provided by Inner Health & Fitness. 



It can be very rewarding to take before and after photos, so that you can truly appreciate the progress you’ve made and the transformation you’ve achieved. If you are in agreement, it’s nice to use these photos on my website, however, this would only be arranged with your consent and again, there’s no need for any individual to be identified. 



Testimonials are a great way of providing feedback on services provided and outcome achieved and once again, these would only be displayed using initials and location and with your full consent to do so. 



I have in place both, Professional Idemnity and Public Liability Insurance cover for the services I offer. This is provided by Westminster Insurance. (https://uk.westminster.global/

We will always endeavour to handle your belongings with greatest care; however, accidents may happen. In such cases we shall be liable for damage or losses and have appropriate insurance policies in place that compensate you sufficiently. 




Both parties have the right to cancel the contract due to unforeseen circumstances. If I have incurred travel expenses and any other expenses paid in advance which I’m unable to obtain a refund for, then these costs will be invoiced at the time of cancellation and payment will be due upon receipt of invoice. 


Working Hours 


We will have agreed on an estimated number of hours to be worked and this session will have been booked and scheduled in for you. However, it is recognised that it is not always possible to gauge the exact length of time that will be required, as it will be dependent on a number of factors (such as the amount of work to be undertaken, the speed at which we work, your ability to make decisions, possible interruptions etc..) 


So that this is accurate, you will only be charged for the actual time that I have worked. 




If a session is scheduled to take place over lunchtime, I will bring my lunch with me and you will not be charged for my own break (which would normally last 30 min). Occasionally, there may be the need to take a break to have a drink etc. These breaks only last for a few minutes and are included in the chargeable session time. 




Where mileage is up to 10-mile round trip from Milton Keynes, this is included in the session cost fee. If I need to travel in excess of 10 miles (round trip), then each additional mile will be charged at 45p. 


Limits of Work 


I will of course do all that I can to help you accomplish your goals and achieve your desired outcome. While the decluttering and organising service does not include cleaning, I am happy to assist with some light cleaning tasks if required. I am also happy to assist in repositioning items, although I am unable to assist in moving heavy and/or bulky items. 


Removal of Unwanted Items 


I am unable to dispose of any of your unwanted items as I do not carry a waste disposal licence. I will be happy to provide you with my best advice and in good faith on how to responsibly dispose of anything unwanted. It is always your decision as to what you wish to keep, discard or recycle. Space of Joy cannot accept responsibility for the consequences of decisions taken by you.

Payment Terms 


My services will be charged either by hour or pre selected Packages offered by Space of Joy and/or any additional charges by hour. A deposit of 50% will be required in order to secure your required session.

An invoice for the total hours conducted will be issued at the end of our session (less deposit paid upfront).


Payment can be made either by cash or bank transfer to my account, details of which will be provided with your invoice. 

Please note for all bookings, payment is required within 3 days of the last session or no later than the next session conducted (whichever is earlier).  


I will bring along a hard copy of this agreement and will require a signed copy of this upon my arrival before we start working together. ​​