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30 Day


A kick start to a happier and healthier you!

Tropical Leaves
30 days of changing the way you feed and love your body!


What's Included


The Benefits of The 10 Day Body Cleanse 

  • lose up to 4-10 kg of body fat 

  • cleanse and remove toxins from your body

  • normalise metabolism 

  • increase energy 

  • improve mood

  • find hormonal balance

  • eliminate food cravings

  • cleanse your liver and digestive tract 

  • sleep soundly and think clearly 

  • increase libido

  • set yourself up to have the personal power and strength to make long term positive lifestyle choices

There is also the psychological side to the cleanse, where you find your inner strength to continue and complete the 10 days, building the belief in yourself and to understand that you have control over your life. This is a powerful process that we will use our group to support and motivate each other. 

Pure & Premium Nutrition

The 10 Day Body Cleanse is super easy, supplied as a full package of super-high nutrient dense super foods, vegan, organic certified, contaminate tested of the highest quality.

What's included in The 10 Day Body Cleanse

Cracked Cell Chlorella - Nature's richest whole-food source of Chlorophyll. Supports detoxification, breaks down, binds to and helps remove heavy metals from your body.

MAP (master amino acid pattern) - Pre-digested amino acids aid protein synthesis, maintains and builds muscle. (These amino acids are broken down and utilised by the body very efficiently producing very little waste by products). When we consume protein such as meat or plant proteins our body converts the protein into essential amino acids.

Liquid Sunshine Powder - This super-nutrient dense food contains greens and nutrients to help curb food cravings, supports healthy blood glucose levels, provides protein, carbohydrates and fats rich in vitamins and minerals.

Black Walnut Herb Mix - A unique combination of herbs and superfoods that stimulate peristaltic action to eliminate gently and effectively. It contains ingredients that have been shown to help defend your body from parasites, enhancing deep cleansing and reducing constipation.

Mineral Elements - A specially formulated combination of fulvic acid and ocean trace minerals, a great source of magnesium and other important electrolytes. Can support deep sleep, hydration and body alkalinity.

Concentrated Tart Cherry Juice- Made from tart cherries which are nature's most nutritionally dense food, containing a wide variety of antioxidants and phyto-chemicals, high in vitamin C and encourages melatonin production to aid a deep restful sleep. This is super tasty…I’ve had to hide it from my children!!

You will need to supply your own flex foods, these are a list of allowed organic foods to compliment your cleanse. Full support and guidance will be given.

Online group coaching support for optimal results

We will work through some exercises and lifestyle advice to keep your new found healthy eating habits on track.

The coaching will include homework projects and exercises, teaching you how to eat move and be healthy. 


You will learn how to widen your consumption of whole foods, making eating a pleasure that can be enjoyed in life affirmative ways.


Building on our approach to healthy eating, educating you on good food choices, setting boundaries following the 80-20 rule.

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